Welcome to the home of JSkype.

JSkype is an JNI implementation which enables Java clients to use the Skyp API.

I cannot give you acces to an Skype version which has the API in it, so please, do not ask for it.
Nor do I have any information for you on the API design or implemented messages.


Skype is a trademark of Skype Technologies S.A.
Surf to Skype for more information and get connected!

At this point in time there is only a Windows API available to me.
In the future there will be more platforms available and information can be found here.

Windows platform:
1) add jskype.jar to your classpath
2) add imports:
        import net.lamot.java.jskype.general.AbstractMessenger;
        import net.lamot.java.jskype.general.MessageListenerInterface;
        import net.lamot.java.jskype.windows.Messenger;
3) make an class which implements MessageListenerInterface
4) instantiate a messenger:
        private AbstractMessenger msgr = new Messenger();
5) initialize the messenger:
6) use msgr.sendMessage(String); to send message to the Skype API
7) when a message comes from the Skype API the method onMessageReceived(String message) of your class (step3) will be called.

Have a look at net.lamot.java.jskype.swtclient.Main for a example.


JSkype uses the LGPL license.
By downloading a jskype file you agree with this lisence and understand the implications of it.

JSkype for windows
    This is dll, jar and all sources (java and native c).


For information or suggestions on jskype mail me.